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Tribute to Steve Jobs – an unconventional legend

October 6, 2011 2 comments

I woke this morning to the news that a man I’d never met and yet considered a role model, Steve Jobs, had died age 56 of pancreatic cancer. This day is, for me and many thousands of “Apple” people, grey. The world has lost an icon, legend and an unconventional leader.

I am a recent convert to Apple and having gone Mac, don’t intend to ‘go back’. A son of an architect and interior designer, I could whole heartedly relate to Steve designing a font for Apple as a key USP without selling it at such. I can understand why he focused so much on the combined experience of the aesthetic of the physical and the function of the software. He understood how ‘mere mortals’ want quality to look and feel.

Building the brand on core, unchanged principles and staying very loyal to his mission, Steve built not only Apple but an army of fans who watch every Apple Vodcast, buy every product and stick the Apple logo to their cars, wallets and bikes.

Crazy to the unconverted, these fans are just as much of the Apple success story as Steve. Without his fans, Steve would have been an odd eccentric with a misunderstood mission. Yet in his unconventional approach he realised his allies were his customers and he built his church. Read more…

Why businesses need coaches or mentors

September 29, 2011 1 comment

For the sports-focused society that we are, I am surprised that there are not more high-paced businesses that make use of business coaches and mentors. I have come across very few people who admit to seeing the benefit of leveraging an outsider as a confidante, advisor and coach but rather the opposite “We are doing okay, why would we need one?”. Is okay enough or do we want to be brilliant?

I get the very real sense that in British business culture a business coach or advisor is a sign of weakness or failure and yet we would not expect any budding sports person to pursue a sporting career without a coach – how are they different? Sports requires agility, fitness, clear mind, focus, determination, vision and passion. Business requires the same, doesn’t it? Read more…


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